Monday, November 2, 2009

Ton-o-links to web based art and web mashups

This is a collection of good links to web based art and web mashups. I will organize it better as time allows.

Google Maps and APIs

Good place to start. Collection of current links to making mashups.

Tutorial on how to make a google map

Tutorial on how to use Google API in conjunction with JQuery to enhance functionality

Good site to determine lat and long of location.

Site to find latitude and longitude of address

Google Drive

Google Maps API

Index of Harvard Extension School resources

Homepage of Harvard Extension School class, includes some good links

Write up about Twittervisions and Flickrvision at MOMA

Design and the Elastic Mind MOMA exhibit featuring mashups

Press release for the MOMA show

Included in the MOMA show

Blog as art/inspiration?

Good resource for web art
Conceptual Art
Self Control-blocks e-mail access for pre-determined amount of time
replaces ads with art  bad link, opensource ascii generator
Communal Art

javascipt tabs


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