Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scanners as a creative tool - or - Scanner Art -or- I LOVE ME SOME SCANNERS!

Scanners just don't get the love they deserve. They are really incredible. Sure, digital cameras are all the rage, but scanners have been doing their job much longer than digital cameras have been around. In fact, the first digital cameras were modeled after scanners. Some still are. Take a look at my images for example.
Sure, scanners perform many mundane tasks every day. Maybe you even used on earlier today to copy your taxes or scan a photo of you as a kid for Facebook. But have you made art with your scanner today? Art made using scanners, often referred to simply as Scanner Art (or the unfortunate moniker Scannography) has been around since scanners came on the scene.

Caitlin Harrison series of self portraits are great!

Scannography.org has some tutorials and a directory of people making art with scanners. Be sure to check out the work that the listed artists are making. Some really great stuff!

Tim Fleming is representative of a number of folks who create floral/botanical imagery. Not my cup of tea, but maybe you will like it and it does show the potential uses.

Flickr Scanner Art Group has a variety of images. Like the rest of Flickr, the quality varies greatly.

Katrin Eismann used to create a lot of work using scanners. It's her work that I like best.

Scanner Magic is a site devoted to mostly botanical scanner art. Includes a directory of people creating scanner art.

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Cal said...

Very nice article, hitting home with me, just purchasing the New Serif, Photo +4 package. Can't wait to load up and start using.