Saturday, September 28, 2013

Misc Notes

*Just a reminder, I have pushed back the due date for assignment #1 to Wednesday. We will have a critique of the work and you will turn it in afterward. You will turn in two prints as well as contact sheets for any rolls of film that you have shot so far. You must turn your prints in a folder with your name on it or at the very least an envelop with you name on it. 

*I have revised the calendar on the syllabus to reflect the changed due date of Assignment #1. I have also made a few minor changes to the schedule over the next few weeks.

*If you miss a class due to illness, you must bring me a copy of a doctor's note or similar for it to be excused.

*You only get 2 unexcused absences then your overall grade begins to suffer (please see the syllabus for details)

*Please remember that this is a 4 credit class with an expectation that you put in at least 6 hours of work outside of class each week. This will show in your work.

*As clearly spelled out in the syllabus, texting is not allowed during class. If I see you texting, then I will make a a note of it and it will affect your professionalism grade.

*Please use paper conservatively. A number of students are using full sheets of 8x10 paper for test prints. Don't use a full sheet of paper until you know everything is dialed in. Use 1/4 sheets and similar for determining correct exposure, contrast, and dodging and burning. If we run out of paper, then you are responsible for buying more. I encourage you to encourage your classmates to use paper conservatively. A 100 sheet pack of 8x10 paper is about $67. That means each 8x10 sheet cost approximately 67 cents.

*Be sure to bring your camera and any lenses that you have to class on Monday.

*The movie we watched in class last week is titled Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters. If you missed it for some reason, it is available to watch on Netflix Streaming. If you don't have a subscription to Netflix, but missed the film for some reason, please let me know and I will arrange a time for you to watch it.

*In the afternoon section of class, I showed the Suburbia series by Bill Owens. I love the series and encourage you to check it out for inspiration.

*I'm really looking forward to seeing your prints on Wednesday!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Notes on making an enlargement

Use a grain enlarger to insure correct focus.

Focus on the back of a piece of developed printing paper.

Remember to switch over from the white light if you are using an color enlarger

Make test strips on small pieces of paper.

Don't use the print dryer for prints or test strips smaller than 5x7. Use the drying screens for those.

Image selection. You will only make prints from a very small number of images that you take. Select very carefully. Begin by looking at your contact sheet. Double check by looking at your negative under the magnifying loupe. Your image must look very sharp. If it is the least bit blurry there, it will look very blurry when enlarged. Make sure there is detail in the hair (assuming a portrait) and/or other critical dark and light areas of the image.The detail must be in the negative to get it in your print.

Handle film by the edges only.

Don't force anything.

Developer will stain your clothes. Consider wearing grubby clothes or an apron when printing.

Start with a grade 2 contrast filter or equivalent. 

Focus with the lens all the way open and no filtration.

Determine exposure for a lighter part of your image that should have full detail.

Evaluate your prints in ordinary room light only.

Use a piece of white mat board for your test strips and dodging and burning. 

Make sure that your negatives are not flipped when printing. Orient your negative so that the numbers near the sprockets read correctly. Then rotate your negative 180 degrees before loading it into the negative carrier. Check to make sure that any text that may be in the image appears in the correct orientation in your print.