Thursday, January 30, 2014

All Four enlargers are up and running; Instruction Manuals for the enlargers

All the enlargers are up and running. If you prefer to work alone, the enlarger in the 'developing room' can be utilized. Please note that you release the elevation lock by turning a large knob on the left side. You raise the negative stage by moving a lever on the left side. If you use that one and print chemicals are already mixed in the larger room, you may just want to put your exposed print in a box and walk it over to the larger room to process it there. Or, if you want the total isolationist experience, you can set up print chemistry in trays in that room.

In the small darkroom/developing room:

SAUNDERS LPL SUPER DICHRO 4500II 4x5 ENLARGER. Here is a link to the instruction manual in PDF form.    It is a $2k enlarger. In my mind, is the nicest 4x5 enlarger ever made. 

In the larger darkroom:
There is a Beseler 23C (the blue one to the right), a 23CII (the black one in the middle), and a 23CIII-XL (the one with the color head and extra tall column on the left).

NOTE: You can't use film chemicals for processing prints.
             Never force anything in the darkroom. If you do, you will break it.

Instruction Manual for the JOBO CPP3

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