Monday, November 23, 2009

Flash links

Great place to start if you have never worked with Flash before

Great resources for learning Flash

Very nice series

How to make a simple Flash intro

Well made series on learning Flash (uses CS3, but I don't think that is a big deal)

How to make a simple Flash intro

Multiple video series on learning Flash

Excellent tutorial on making a basic animation with Flash

Truly excellent series of video tutorials on learning Actionscript

Nice set of tutorials for learning Flash animation

Splash page or not?

Article on things to avoid in the design of your website

How to put flash page on website
On the last frame of the flash movie put the action getURL() with the page you want to call. 

go to the last frame - Open ACTIONS panel - Get URL - enter the address of the front page eg 
Step by step tutorial on making a Flash portfolio

Some good FAQs about getting splash page set up

Some good SEO (search engine optimization) information

Set up cookies so visitors only see splash page once

How to build a Flash portfolio

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