Monday, November 23, 2009

Video and Audio mashups with public domain materials

There is a ton of free public domain video and audio available online. is a great place to start with its vast collection of both video and audio clips. Many are available in multiple formats. 
Project for Digital Foundations class:
Video/Audio mashup
For this project you will create a video/audio mashup of not less than 3 minutes. Find public domain video or bring in video clips that you made to edit and mix using iMovie. is a great source for public domain video. Download the Quicktime version of the files if available, otherwise the MPEG version of the file.
Find public domain audio to use. also has a ton of audio clips. You can also take the audio from public domain videos. Or make your own audio from your own recordings or within Garageband.
For Monday, you should have the video and audio clips that you want to use. We will spend Monday working on the project in class. This a a creative/art piece. It can be really nutty.

Helpful links:

PC World article on making a video mashup for YouTube

Great site which features step by step guide to making a video mashup

Sweet tutorial on making a movie soundtrack Great resource for Mac musicians including some nice tutorials.

iMovie tutorials

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